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History of Banpong’s Mee- sua

 In Chinese’s traditional and culture,Mee-sua is the one thing that be used in every ceremonies of Chinese such as greeting on Chinese’s new year, respecting to ancestor ,greeting on birthday etc.Because of Mee-sua means prosperous,long lived and purity.
                The ingredients of Mee-sua are just wheat flour, pure water and salt .Mee-sua can be kept for a longtime without preservative additions.
                In the past,when Chinese peole came to Thailand and settlement in Banpong Ratchaburi and manufactured Mee-sua by recipe and process as same as in china.
   At Banpong Ratchaburi Thailand, Mee-sua is well known as the Best premium gift.Because of great taste and quality.
                Limkuangweng industry has developed by use high technology machines and selected high quality materials.
                Now limkuangweng industry is the manufacturer of Phoenix-dragon brand(Mee-sua) egg brand (noodle&wonton,deep fried noodle&wonton). We are certified GMP(codex) , Halal and qualified to be Thailand’s OTOP champion 5 stars. to ensur our product’s quality.
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